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Body Recomposition Tip - Why Starvation Doesn't Work:

Written by Moez Aryan
To keep your muscles you need not only a certain amount of calories but also a certain amount of "amino acids" (complete proteins like chicken, beef, fish, turkey, eggs, whey protein etc). You should always try to maintain AS MUCH muscle as possible (don't worry, you aren't going to look anything near huge or bulky naturally - for that you need to eat like a viking day in day out, lift super heavy consistently and get some pharmaceutical assistant).

When you drop calories and protein your body puts you in a catabolic state. Catabolism is when the body 'breaks down' muscle tissue. This serves two purposes: it provides the body with energy AND it makes the body a more efficient fuel burning machine (the less muscle you have the less calories you will burn). This served survival for thousands of years but doesn't serve your summer beach plans.

To keep muscles you need to be in a positive amino acid balance ALL THE TIME. For that you need to consume some protein every 3 hours.

DO NOT drop protein intake if you intend to drop calories. First thing you can do is dropping ENERGY CALORIES. Energy calories are calories from carbs and fats. You can reduce these a bit but not altogether.

However, the first thing you can do is drop fast digesting carbohydrates like sugar, white flour, useless sauces etc from your diet. These aren't only 'energy calories', they are 'useless calories' unless you are about to die from hunger. This way you will drop calories but keep amino acid pool full. You will keep your muscles which in turn will burn a lot more fat and calories (metabolism stays high) and make you look super hot!

Do not get trapped in the vicious cycle of burning muscle, dropping calories further, burning even more muscle and having to drop calories even more. What you will look like in the end is just the smaller version of what you are now with a lot less muscle, low energy and weaker! The body WILL NOT drop fat completely. It will hold onto it for energy. Ever wondered why the last few pounds are hard to lose? Or why you have lost from everywhere but your tummy still sticks out? Okay, now you know why :)
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