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How To Keep Sugar Cravings Away:

Written by Moez Aryan
You crave sweet things when your blood sugar falls below normal. Sometimes it might be the result of high insulin spikes from the last meal as well. To keep cravings for sugary things away you need to 'regulate' your blood sugars meaning keep them in the normal range in the first place. You can do two things to achieve this:

A) avoid sugars and bad carbs in the first place cause they cause huge insulin spikes. Get your carbs from complex carbohydrate sources like oats, rice, quinoa, potato and vegies. Start your day with a meal that doesn't release too much insulin. A lean protein source, some nuts and little oats would make a good healthy breakfast. The carb content here is very minimal, there are no sugars and the protein and healthy fats will help satiety and won't take up blood sugars all of a sudden. When blood sugar is in the normal range you won't crave caffeine, or fast releasing carbs much.

B) try to have 5 to 6 meals every day if possible but in smaller portions. This will keep blood sugars steady and keep you full most of the time. You need to have some lean protein like fish, beef, chicken, turkey, eggwhite or whey at EVERY meal. Having more frequent meals with higher protein content and lower carb content will keep blood sugars in the normal range and favours lean body composition.
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