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I have been working out for the past 6 months. I lost 6kgs initially but it's been 2 months now that I have not lost anything

I have been working out for the past 6 months. I lost 6kgs initially but it's been 2 months now that I have not lost anything

I have been working out for the past 6 months. I lost 6kgs initially but it's been 2 months now that I have not lost anything. I count my calories. But can you please tell me how many calories one burns in the gym working out 1 hour?

It would be impossible for me to accurately say how many calories YOU would burn working out for 1 hour. How many calories you burn depends on a lot of variables; the intensity of the workouts, the type of workouts, the rest intervals, which exercises you are doing, your current body weight and body composition, your current food intake, your base metabolic rate etc.

Initially you will burn fat in the gym therefore the 6kgs weight loss. You will lose something going from "zero" activity to "some" activity. But you hit a plateau soon when your caloric intake equals caloric output. At this point what most people would do is "cutting down" calories. That's not a smart idea cause soon your base metabolic rate will decrease by cutting down calories. Thid doesn't happen overnight. It happen over weeks.

Your blood glucose (sugar) will also be fluctuating a lot - low at times cause you are depriving yourself of food and too high at others when you pig out on something (even that bite of chocolate or that can of coke is enough to spike up insulin secretion). Sadly that one can coke or that cake you had doesn't boost your metabolism. These mood boosters (high glycemic foods) make you crash a few hours later when blood sugar falls, make you even more moody and give you love handles.

When your base metabolic rate is low you will burn less and less at each exercise session - the body will try to get efficient at burning food since it doesn't get much of it. The only way forward would be to exercise more which is also done by the people who don't like to give up that little food left in the diet. This second group has a slightly higher IQ than the first one who cuts calories. But the more you exercise the more your body will be efficient at burning calories which means you will burn less and less each session. This makes counting your calories "eaten" and "exercised" pretty much irrelevant. This is done by down-regulating the production of T3 (a thyroid hormone). No wonder people who over-train and under-eat are stressed, fat, have hypothyroidism, and Hypogonadism.

This results in the individual developing insulin sensitivity issues, low functioning thyroids, with a caloric intake of a squirrel, brain function of a rat, squeezed adrenals and pancreas and the metabolism of a 70cc Honda that will take ages to fix.

Conclusion is, eat good food, a lot of it, regularly, lift weights and stop counting calories. Counting calories never worked, never will. My "caloric intake" is twice as much as it was 4 months ago, my weight is the same, but my body fat level is down by 5%. Your metabolic rate can change and that's what we do with the nutrition coaching program we have developed.

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